Choice of finish and how to buy

Have your print framed, mounted ready to frame or made on aluminium. If you don't see what you want below, just ask. Please order by following the Contact me link above, including the picture title and your preferred format and size.

Hardback books of 100 prints

Mark Taylor's Leigh-on-Sea Volume I £35
Mark Taylor's Leigh-on-Sea Volume II £35

Framed prints (size refers to frame dimensions)

Size Price
11in x 11in £50
13in x 13in £60
17in x 13in £70
21in x 17in £90
21in x 21in £95

Mounted prints (size refers to mount dimensions)

Size Price
8in x 6in £14
10in x 10in £20
12in x 12in £25
16in x 12in £28
20in x 16in £45
20in x 20in £50


Size Price
10in x 10in £50
12in x 8in £60
15in x 15in £85
16in x 12in £90
20in x 20in £140
24in x 18in £150